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Changes in 2015

12th June 2015 Another untruism.

5th June 2015 A new untruism.

5th June 2015 A new list: nouns that can only be plural.

5th June 2015 Removed 'queered' from the list of one trick words; thanks DK for spotting the other use.

Changes in 2013

9th October 2013 The first new entry on the list of one-trick words since 2009.

9th October 2013 Two new heteronyms.

5th May 2013. New contributor EC points out that just as wind and wind are heteronyms, so are windy and windy.

3rd March 2013. SDV has brought us a little closer to a silent 'v', with a US-only example.

3rd March 2013. A heteronym from new contributor AEM.

Changes in 2012

5th June 2012. A morissette.

19th January 2012. A library euphemism from new contributor IBK.

Changes in 2011

19th November 2011. An untruism.

4th September 2011. Another prime minister suggested by RLC.

17th July 2011. A new heteronym.

22nd June 2011. An whole new section in the index of reversible names, thanks to RLC.

13th February 2011. An untruism.

17th January 2011. A new year, a new contributor (RB) and a new heteronym.

Changes in 2010

11th November 2010. Three new heteronyms from RLC.

7th June 2010. Thanks AC for an addition and a correction to the list of heteronyms.

17th March 2010. A new entry on the page of euphemisms for libraries.

Changes in 2009

17th December 2009. A heteronym.

16th December 2009. Another untruism.

15th December 2009. Thanks DK for an untruism.

14th December 2009. A one-trick word from RM and SM.

31st August 2009. A heteronym from new contributor DHR.

6th May 2009. A pair of one-trick words from SJB.

29th March 2009. Another untruism - thanks MCRS.

28th March 2009. An untruism.

26th March 2009. New contributor DEJF has alerted me to a previously-overlooked reversible name.

25th March 2009. Thanks EC for help with a whole new list.

24th March 2009. Another one-trick word.

23rd March 2009. A one-trick word.

22nd March 2009. A new heteronym.

21st March 2009. Thanks new contributor JB for corrections to the list of one-words and a better suggestion for the silent 'h'.

March 2009. We've had trouble with the server this year, but I think normal service can now resume.

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