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Frank Skinner on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire', 26th December 2001:

"I'm sure it's Charles Dickens. Well, when I say 'sure', of course I'm kicking the meaning of that around a little."

Mark Nicholas on ITV's Survivor 2 , 15th May 2002:

"The ante goes up from here on in."

"Helen, Cardiff" quoted on a BBC news website (accessed 17th March 2010):

"I'm an information advisor. Not that weird, but what I actually am is a university librarian. My employers, like many others, seem reluctant to use the L-word."

Allow me to call your attention also to the heteronym-related verse of resident poet MWB.


Readers of these lists may also appreciate Mark W. Baker's annual report on new usages in the English language. It is not available on the internet, but if you are interested, email me and I will ask him to add you to the mailling list.

Some of the one-trick words were found on Richard Carter's list of akimbos.

More heteronyms can be found at Stephen Pickles' pages.

Here is the study of philosophy boiled down to 11 quotations.

Links to many name-related lists can be found at Jerry Hill's page.

William Denton maintains a list of novels in which the author has used footnotes.

Readers of the untruisms page may also enjoy the high level of honesty on this web site.

I know I'm childish, but the name of this firm has been my favourite Spoonerism ever since I spotted it on a lorry rattling along Oxford High Street.

This is a website dedicated to international English.

Finally, let me recommend the Radio 4 programme Word of Mouth and this word-related article from BBC News.

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